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Mar 21

New Season On the Way

Hey!  Here’s a little Ula to start off this blogging year for you! It’s been a busy busy first couple of months of 2014 to be sure. Last January and February I had been working on my PhD proposal and I passed it thanks be to God! With that out of the way I am …

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Apr 01

Happy Birthday Denki!

You didn’t think I’d forget our little hero’s birthday did you?  Happy Birthday Denki! The ThunderKid himself!  Like Haruka, Denki has quite the story too.  Very humble beginnings as a sketch on paper, Denki grew into the loopy young hero we’ve come to know and love!  I do this for all the kids on their …

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Jun 18

The Gang’s All Here!

The character section has added four new profiles to the Character Section.  Now we have Ula (pictured), Cume, Clode, and Clodu too!  All the kids from Volume 1 are here and you can expect more next month!

May 31

Read All About It!

Now hear this folks!  ThunderKid is finally going to get into the homes of more folks!  If they happen to read the local Montgomery County MD gazette that is.  See, ThunderKid has a little advertisement in this week’s Gazette which is set to go out tomorrow and Thursday to millions of homes in the county.  …

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May 28

A Whole New World – Chapter 4

Denki and Flarai’s first big adventure alone in Atmos also introduces some new friends!  Meet Ula, a spunky six-year-old farm girl who wants to be a defender, and Cume her much older brother who tries to keep her out of trouble.  When Ula meets Denki on a haystack one day and she takes him for …

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