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Aug 03

Back at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Well it is finally August; and anyone who has been with ThunderKid for the past three years or so know what that means.  It’s almost time for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair! For our third straight year at the MCAF, we’re going to be bringing a lot of the new items we’ve gotten since our …

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Jul 19

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 20th

We’re back on the market this Saturday and it’s supposed to be a hot one. Remember, if you’re coming out on the plaza tomorrow, be sure to keep hydrated.  This is actually going to be our last FSM until September because of our upcoming August schedule which includes: The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair – August …

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Jul 15

On Booths and Display Tips

Last weekend marked the debut of our figurines at the ol’ FSM and so far the reception has been good.  For years now we’ve been looking to make something available to bridge ThunderKid the book and ThunderKid the roleplay experience particularly with young readers! I also took this weekend to experiment with the booth layout …

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Jul 12

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 13th

We’re back at Fenton Street this weekend! Set up in space 10, we’ll be bringing out the all new figurines this weekend!  $5.99 by themselves and $9.99 together.  Until tomorrow…

Jul 05

The ThunderKid Shop is Back

That’s right!  The ThunderKid Shop is officially online and ready for a whole new year!  Come check out the new layout and the new features: We’re now powered by OS-Commerce, a very well known online shop template We have new products that are available for purchase online for the first time: including figurines, posters, notepads, …

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Jul 01

Just Arrived: New Pics of the In Hand ThunderKid Figurines

They’re here!  After nearly half a year in planning and production, the first ThunderKid figurines are in hand at last! As you can see they turned out very nicely!  They’re almost ready to go up for sale in the all new ThunderKid Shop so stay tuned for that event.  Meanwhile I’ll have some more news …

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May 14

Denki and Haruka In Production

After many months, our first toy line has finally reached the oh so vital production stage! Yup!  In about seven days time we should have all the figurines completed and ready for shipping.  Hopefully they’ll be ready for the shelves for next week’s Fenton Street Market, lest they be in for Memorial Day and the …

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May 03

Fenton Street Market Saturday May 4th

You may need to wait til Sunday for Cinco de Mayo but Quatro de Mayo is tomorrow and we’re back at Fenton Street Market!  If you checked us out last weekend, then you should be able to find us in the same place. We’ll have the boxart for the figurines available for viewing along with …

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May 01

Packaging the Figurines

These are the packaging designs that I’ll be taking with me to Fenton Street this week.  They are also the designs that I just sent to the toy company for when the Denki and Haruka figurines go into production this month. They say that a good design needs to really jump out at you and …

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Apr 24

Progress in Starting a Toyline

Ever since my first pen stroke of Denki’s spiky hair I have thought about ThunderKid toys.  We’ve been working on it since our first fair in 2011 and finally thanks to God’s vision and prompting we are in the process of making our first this year.  I showed you the prototypes late last January, now …

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