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Nov 10

Chapter 8 Page 27 – Now Departing

Col, Hailo, and company are finally heading out to the streets of Icenoz!  A pretty cool set of horses you’ve got there boys!  Tune in next time for the beginning of the tour!

Jul 25

Chapter 8 Page 20 – Equestrian Etiquette

First new page of this week!  And it won’t be the last this anniversary week.  Today Flaeka gets a little lesson of the courtesy of the horse!

Jun 16

Chapter 8 Page 19 – The Iceman Cometh Again

Hailo’s back!  And so are his friends Col Eezendo and Snowla Powdrian!  Seems Col nearly missed seeing the kids leave the gate there.  Do you wonder if snowblindness is a problem for Freezans and Snowada too?