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Jul 19

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 20th

We’re back on the market this Saturday and it’s supposed to be a hot one. Remember, if you’re coming out on the plaza tomorrow, be sure to keep hydrated.  This is actually going to be our last FSM until September because of our upcoming August schedule which includes: The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair – August …

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Jul 15

On Booths and Display Tips

Last weekend marked the debut of our figurines at the ol’ FSM and so far the reception has been good.  For years now we’ve been looking to make something available to bridge ThunderKid the book and ThunderKid the roleplay experience particularly with young readers! I also took this weekend to experiment with the booth layout …

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Jul 12

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 13th

We’re back at Fenton Street this weekend! Set up in space 10, we’ll be bringing out the all new figurines this weekend!  $5.99 by themselves and $9.99 together.  Until tomorrow…

Jul 05

The ThunderKid Shop is Back

That’s right!  The ThunderKid Shop is officially online and ready for a whole new year!  Come check out the new layout and the new features: We’re now powered by OS-Commerce, a very well known online shop template We have new products that are available for purchase online for the first time: including figurines, posters, notepads, …

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Jul 04

Tomorrow Morning at 9AM

Tomorrow morning at 9AM, be online to check out ThunderKid’s all new shop!  We’ve been working on it for months and are looking forward to bringing it out to the public.  We hope you are looking forward to it too!

Jul 03

Big Change on the Way

With the brand new figurines ready to ship, one may be asking, “When will we be able to buy them online?”  Well I can safely say that the answer to that will be coming very soon.  I’ve spent the last few months getting a whole new ThunderKid Shop ready for these very items.  And not …

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Jun 21

Fenton Street Market Saturday June 22nd

Hey ho!  Happy first day of summer!  Come on out to celebrate the first weekend of summer at Fenton Street Market! This will be ThunderKid’s sixth outing for the year and it will be our last one before we get those figurines next week!  We’ll be back at FSM in July because we’re taking a …

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Jun 14

Fenton Street Market Saturday June 15th

ThunderKid and the gang is back at Fenton Street Market this Saturday!  And just in time for the Silver Spring Blues Festival!  We’re all looking forward to seeing you at Fenton Street this weekend!

May 24

Fenton Street Market Saturday May 25th

After a weekend off for the Gaithersburg Book Festival, ThunderKid is back at Fenton Street Market this weekend folks! Here’s where we’ll be set up tomorrow morning.  As always the vendors of FSM make for great company and a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend!  Hope to see you there!

May 10

Fenton Street Market Saturday May 11th

ThunderKid is back on Fenton Street this weekend so let’s go to the map! We’re at a different spot this weekend but we’ve got the same ol’ ThunderKid along with nearly 60 other great vendors!  Remember that we won’t be at Fenton Street next weekend for the Gaithersburg Book Festival, but we’ll be back again …

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