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Nov 07

ThunderKid at Southern Maryland Comic-Con!

Hey everyone!  We’re gearing up for our first Comic Convention this weekend at the Southern Maryland Comic-Con!  We’ll be at the Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD all Saturday with a lot of other comic authors and artists. We’ll be looking forward to this weekend!

Oct 04

Chapter 8 Pages 28 and 29 – THUNDERKID RETURNS!!

You heard right!  ThunderKid is back in the house!  It’s been a long time but now the comic is officially getting back on the road toward the completion of Volume 2! We’re re-kicking things off with the beginning of Denki’s tour of Icenoz conducted by his two newest friends Ciclia and Flaeka.  Never before has …

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Aug 03

Back at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Well it is finally August; and anyone who has been with ThunderKid for the past three years or so know what that means.  It’s almost time for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair! For our third straight year at the MCAF, we’re going to be bringing a lot of the new items we’ve gotten since our …

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May 10

Fenton Street Market Saturday May 11th

ThunderKid is back on Fenton Street this weekend so let’s go to the map! We’re at a different spot this weekend but we’ve got the same ol’ ThunderKid along with nearly 60 other great vendors!  Remember that we won’t be at Fenton Street next weekend for the Gaithersburg Book Festival, but we’ll be back again …

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May 09

Read On at the Gaithersburg Book Festival

Get your literacy on kids!  The Gaithersburg Book Festival is back in town and ThunderKid is going to be a part of it once again!  The fun will start at 10am on Saturday May 18th and there will be a ton of authors and booksellers on hand. This year we’re going to be in the …

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Jan 21

The Creative Gate of Comics

Interestingly, the researchers and educators promoting literacy and comics programs have found that comics open up many other educational avenues. Almost always fiction, comics are useful for introducing concepts such as narrative structure and character development. At the same time, they appear to enhance the development of analytical skills and critical thought. They can also …

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Jan 16

Nine Tips on Reading Comics with your Kids

There’s so much I got from the article yesterday that this part of it deserves it’s own post!  Kids as young as four it seems can be introduced to the world of comics with this set of steps.  Moms, dads, teachers, babysitters, and other role models please take note! 1.         Find comics related to …

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Jan 15

Fun Reading with Comics

“Wak!” “Crunch!” and “Glom!” taught Vicky Smith how to read. “For end-of-the-day snuggling with my mother,” she relates, “Uncle Scrooge comics were our stories of choice. When I was about four, she started me out reading the sound effects to give me practice in phonetics as well as an opportunity to participate. One magical night, …

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Jan 14

The Resurgence of All-Ages Comics

In the 1940s and 1950s, comics were appropriate for kids (ages 6+). In the late 1970s, stories and themes became more sexual and violent. According to Sheldon Reinhart, 35-year comic book aficionado and business executive interviewed for this article August 1, 2008, although kids have not been the main target of the comic book industry …

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