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Jan 14

The Return of ThunderKid! Chapter 8 Begins At Last!

ThunderKid is back at last!  In the eighth chapter Denki, Ciclia, Flaeka, and Flarai are going to party!  The kids are decked out but first they’re going to take in the sights of Icenoz a bit with none other than Prince Hailo and his friends!  Check in each Saturday for a new page and don’t …

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Dec 10

Return to Icenoz

  I’d like to know which of the Return of ThunderKid and the Return to to Icenoz pics did you like the best from last week? Did you like Denki and Flarai?   Ciclia? Hailo? Flaeka? or Queen Sleena? Keep an eye out for the Return of ThunderKid in Chapter 8!

Dec 06

The Queen of Icenoz

The final piece of this Icenoz pic series ends up with the high ruler of Icenoz, the good Queen Sleena!  Making her grand entrance back in Chapter 6 (along with most of the kids in this series of pics) Queen Sleena rules with fairness and kindness and always puts the welfare of her kids first!  …

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