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Apr 11

Ready for the Sakura Matsuri

Tomorrow Dad and I are heading to the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival for the first time!  This is our first really big outing of 2014 and we are indeed looking forward to it!   Here’s our location and description as defined by the Sakura Matsuri App that you can get on your iPhone.  We’ll …

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Nov 07

ThunderKid at Southern Maryland Comic-Con!

Hey everyone!  We’re gearing up for our first Comic Convention this weekend at the Southern Maryland Comic-Con!  We’ll be at the Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD all Saturday with a lot of other comic authors and artists. We’ll be looking forward to this weekend!

Jan 07

Back at the Fairgrounds this Weekend

Well, after about three weeks it’s market time for us again and this is the first one for us this year. Join my dad and I as well as tons of other vendors this Saturday at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds for the first Gaithersburg Indoor Flea Market this year!  We’ll be in Building 6 (same …

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Jul 06

Fanart Friday: Return of Fanart Friday!

Hey hey!   July is here and I’m feeling the mood for a return to Fanart Fridays!  This week we’ll start off with this~ Main Kid Cast  – Marshmallow M., CA This one of course is the main group of kids done by an old friend of mine from California, pen name Marshmallow Muffin!  If you’re …

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Jun 21

Happy Birthday Natsumi!

Time to wish a happy birthday to our happy little sweetie Natsumi! Quite possibly one of the most popular of the kids in the story, Natsumi is just one of those characters that puts a smile on your face just looking at her.  I know she puts one on me!  My favorite bit with Natsumi …

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Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey ho!  Natsumi, Fuyuki, and everyone here would like to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!  Hope you have a good one!

Jan 20

Fanart Friday – Natsumi’s Smile

It’s time for Fanart Friday everyone! Pretty Natsumi – Susan G., Hungary, Europe This week’s fanart comes from an old friend of mine who did a nice little sketch of Natsumi.  Doesn’t she look happy?  Thanks again Sue! Remember folks; Fanart Friday is every Friday.  So if you want to get in, please send it …

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Jan 06

Fanart Friday: Starting the Year

It’s Fanart Friday Time gang!  The first one of the year too!  So let’s start off with a group fanart! Natsumi, Haruka, and Fuyuki – Selena L., Malaysia This little piece comes from an old friend of mine from Malaysia, Selena.  Thanks again Selena! Remember everybody; Fanart Friday is every Friday.  So if you want …

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Jan 04

ThunderKid Reviewed by Kids Write Reviews

The reviews just keep on coming!  Another site has offered another great review of Volume 1 of ThunderKid.  This one comes from KK of the Kids Write Reviews team!  Kids Write Reviews are a group of elementary school kids who write reviews of books they’ve read.  And I am honored to have had them read …

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Dec 22

Happy Birthday Fuyuki!

It’s the first day of Winter today and also little Fuyuki’s Birthday!  I have a lot of love for the Shy Kid of the gang and I’d like to know your favorite Fuyuki moment.  The time he came to Natsumi’s aid in that storm?  The promise he made with her in Chapter 3?  Or that …

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