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Mar 03

Chapter 8 Page 9 – Up, Up, and Away

The Warrior of the Lightning Storm has stepped out!  Tune in next time when we check out what Denki and the gang have been doing for the last day or so.

Feb 25

Chapter 8 Page 8 – Checkin’ Out

Since Joltoh’s going to be stepping out for the rest of the chapter, he’s relaying a few last minute instructions to his staff.  Which translated, is just saying to not say anything!  See what he does next, next week!

Feb 19

Chapter 8 Page 7 – Got the Happy Back

This look is from the devil-may-care collection, and you will find that Joltoh has a lot of these looks!  Anyway, it looks like Joltoh’s off to do a little more in the world of ThunderKid.  Wanna find out what?  Stay tuned!

Feb 11

Chapter 8 Page 6 – Who Was that Unmasked Kid?

You and I both know, but that’s one question that’s been driving Joltoh up a wall for this chapter so far.  Where do you think he remembers seeing Denki?  Pray it isn’t some weird Star Wars moment!

Feb 03

Chapter 8 Page 5 – Joltoh’s Got Some Splaining to Do

In a classic case of foot in mouth, Joltoh now has to deal with the thought of facing Strato and mostly Lord Hurrican!  How’s he going to get out of this one? Just in case you’re wondering, Joltoh is actually third highest rank WotS after Blizzana who is after Strato.  He doesn’t act it of …

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Jan 27

Chapter 8 Page 4 – Joltoh’s Reflection Averted

Say hello to Fraydeline, Joltoh’s head maid.  Seems that Warriors of the Storm have at least one maid or butler on hand.  You caught Blizzana’s maid Meullia back in Chapter 6.  Safe bet you will meet more as we meet more Warriors.  Meanwhile, Joltoh can’t seem to catch a break right now. Oh and before …

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Jan 22

Chapter 8 Page 3 – Don’t Let it Go to Your Head

It’s the first page of the the new story and take a look at this! It’s sunset right after Joltoh’s retreat and he’s taking a bit of a lie down on his airship.  As if he didn’t have a big enough head already, get a load of the design of his ship!  See you next …

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Jul 22

Big Head Much?

Hey hey!  So we have a new Warrior in Chapter 6. Want to know how he gets around?  Well sure he can fly, but flying can be tiring for Celians. So Joltoh’s got an airship that is pretty much his head as an airship.  Here’s a little sketch for it that I’m working on for …

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