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Aug 03

Back at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Well it is finally August; and anyone who has been with ThunderKid for the past three years or so know what that means.  It’s almost time for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair! For our third straight year at the MCAF, we’re going to be bringing a lot of the new items we’ve gotten since our …

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Jan 13

What’s in an Ear?

What gives some Celians pointy elfin ears and other Celians round human ears?  When it was still in planning, I took a considerable amount of time deciding which races and genders got pointy ears and which ones didn’t.  Freezans like our Hailo up there all get elf ears due to my notion that cold weather …

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Nov 10

Chapter 8 Page 27 – Now Departing

Col, Hailo, and company are finally heading out to the streets of Icenoz!  A pretty cool set of horses you’ve got there boys!  Tune in next time for the beginning of the tour!

Jul 25

Chapter 8 Page 20 – Equestrian Etiquette

First new page of this week!  And it won’t be the last this anniversary week.  Today Flaeka gets a little lesson of the courtesy of the horse!

Jun 16

Chapter 8 Page 19 – The Iceman Cometh Again

Hailo’s back!  And so are his friends Col Eezendo and Snowla Powdrian!  Seems Col nearly missed seeing the kids leave the gate there.  Do you wonder if snowblindness is a problem for Freezans and Snowada too?

Jan 14

The Return of ThunderKid! Chapter 8 Begins At Last!

ThunderKid is back at last!  In the eighth chapter Denki, Ciclia, Flaeka, and Flarai are going to party!  The kids are decked out but first they’re going to take in the sights of Icenoz a bit with none other than Prince Hailo and his friends!  Check in each Saturday for a new page and don’t …

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Dec 10

Return to Icenoz

  I’d like to know which of the Return of ThunderKid and the Return to to Icenoz pics did you like the best from last week? Did you like Denki and Flarai?   Ciclia? Hailo? Flaeka? or Queen Sleena? Keep an eye out for the Return of ThunderKid in Chapter 8!

Dec 09

Racing to See You Again!

They’re coming back! And by their running, they can’t wait to see you again too!  After a lengthy hiatus, ThunderKid will be returning for new adventures once more!  Here’s a work in progress of the cover for the upcoming Chapter 8!  Denki and his new Icenoz friends Ciclia and Flaeka are all dressed and ready …

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Nov 30

Say Hello to Hailo!

Picture three is none other than the dashing (but bored looking) Prince Hailo!  You may remember that he too made his big debut in Chapters 6 and 7.  The Freezan Knight rarely smiles like normal people do, if ever!  He’s actually smiling here believe it or not.  A little tip with Hailo: To see his …

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Sep 15

Return of the Store

All’s well at the ThunderKid Shop.  The store is back online along with the new pay by credit card option.  It’s mail-in and email for now but soon folks will be able to do it straight.  There will be more items available soon! Meanwhile here’s a sketch of Denki and his Icenoz friends Hailo, Ciclia, …

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