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Jul 19

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 20th

We’re back on the market this Saturday and it’s supposed to be a hot one. Remember, if you’re coming out on the plaza tomorrow, be sure to keep hydrated.  This is actually going to be our last FSM until September because of our upcoming August schedule which includes: The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair – August …

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Jan 13

What’s in an Ear?

What gives some Celians pointy elfin ears and other Celians round human ears?  When it was still in planning, I took a considerable amount of time deciding which races and genders got pointy ears and which ones didn’t.  Freezans like our Hailo up there all get elf ears due to my notion that cold weather …

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Mar 11

Chapter 8 Page 10 – A New Day in Icenoz

It’s a new day and it looks like Denki is ready for another adventure.  Check out his new outfit that he got for the special upcoming occasion.  A little refresher on the fashion of Icenoz.  Typically Freezan clothes contain lots of triangles while Snowada style has more circles.  Stay tuned for more outfits later this …

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