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Sep 14

Fanart Friday: MCAG Fair Art

As promised, we have some new fanart to show off this Friday! This is another piece that we got from the Agricultural Fair this summer.  A really cute one of Clode and a little Snow Dragon from a very avid fan of anime and manga!  She really loved what we had at the booth and …

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Sep 07

Fanart Friday: Fenton Street Art

Good Friday ThunderKid faithful!  First I want to let you know that there’s been some re-scripting on the middle of Chapter 8, particularly the tour of Icenoz, and we’ll soon be having some new pages for next week.  Until then I’m going to try and keep things going with another Fanart Friday! This week I’ve …

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Jul 06

Fanart Friday: Return of Fanart Friday!

Hey hey!   July is here and I’m feeling the mood for a return to Fanart Fridays!  This week we’ll start off with this~ Main Kid Cast  – Marshmallow M., CA This one of course is the main group of kids done by an old friend of mine from California, pen name Marshmallow Muffin!  If you’re …

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Jan 27

Fanart Friday: An Early Valentine

Hey hey hey!  It’s time for another awesome piece of fanart folks! Strato and Blizzana – by Selena Loong (Malaysia) This is another piece from Ms. Selena featuring two of the first Warriors of the Storm in the story, Strato and Blizzana.  Just in time for Valentines Day!  If you know anything from Chapter 3, …

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Jan 20

Fanart Friday – Natsumi’s Smile

It’s time for Fanart Friday everyone! Pretty Natsumi – Susan G., Hungary, Europe This week’s fanart comes from an old friend of mine who did a nice little sketch of Natsumi.  Doesn’t she look happy?  Thanks again Sue! Remember folks; Fanart Friday is every Friday.  So if you want to get in, please send it …

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Jan 13

Fanart Friday: It’s Magic!

Morning!  Morning!  It’s Friday and you know what that means?  Time for some cool fanart! Magic Fuyuki – by Azalie Z (Monkee 262) For Ms. Azalie’s next trick we have little Fuyuki performing one of his own!  Not a lot of magicians pull baby dragons out of their hats!  Well I’m sure they do, but …

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Jan 06

Fanart Friday: Starting the Year

It’s Fanart Friday Time gang!  The first one of the year too!  So let’s start off with a group fanart! Natsumi, Haruka, and Fuyuki – Selena L., Malaysia This little piece comes from an old friend of mine from Malaysia, Selena.  Thanks again Selena! Remember everybody; Fanart Friday is every Friday.  So if you want …

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Dec 30

Fanart Friday: Closing the Old Year

Hello all!  2011 is almost done, and though it hasn’t been around for more than a couple months, this is the last Fanart Friday of the year! ThunderKid – Ran This one comes from an old friend of mine who I know only as Ran.  A sweet and simple headshot of Denki with thumbs up.  …

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Dec 23

Fanart Friday: Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  And Merry and Happy Fanart Friday too!  I hope everyone is almost ready for the Holiday Season and the New Year! Merry Christmas – Katsu K USA In the spirit of the season, this week’s fanart is a gift from an old friend of mine Katsu.  It’s of ol’ Denki giving …

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Dec 16

Fanart Friday: The Princess is Clear

Friday time again!  Are you ready for Christmas?  Hanukkah?  Kwanza?   Well which ever holiday you celebrate I know I’m getting there for Christmas.  And here’s my weekly present to you all in Fanart Friday! Haruka’s Bodyguard – by Azalie Z (Monkee262) I love this piece so much!  It’s another Azalie pic featuring our favorite …

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