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Oct 11

Chapter 8 Pages 30 and 31 – Check the Map!

As they say in the news, let’s go to the map!  Icenoz is a very big mountain with lots to see, so when moving from Height-to-Height you should always have a map on hand.  Check out the full thing in this week’s pages of ThunderKid!

Oct 04

Chapter 8 Pages 28 and 29 – THUNDERKID RETURNS!!

You heard right!  ThunderKid is back in the house!  It’s been a long time but now the comic is officially getting back on the road toward the completion of Volume 2! We’re re-kicking things off with the beginning of Denki’s tour of Icenoz conducted by his two newest friends Ciclia and Flaeka.  Never before has …

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Aug 03

Back at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Well it is finally August; and anyone who has been with ThunderKid for the past three years or so know what that means.  It’s almost time for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair! For our third straight year at the MCAF, we’re going to be bringing a lot of the new items we’ve gotten since our …

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Nov 10

Chapter 8 Page 27 – Now Departing

Col, Hailo, and company are finally heading out to the streets of Icenoz!  A pretty cool set of horses you’ve got there boys!  Tune in next time for the beginning of the tour!

Oct 13

Chapter 8 Pages 24 and 25 – Lovely Introduction

It feels like it’s been forever since we last updated huh?  Well we’re back! at last and the current story looks better than ever!  I’ve been doing a little rescripting of the story and we’re ready to continue with the story so here we go! The ThunderKids are back and our newest ladies are making …

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Aug 19

Chapter 8 Page 23 – No Sweat

Our Denki: Ever the gentleman and all-around nice guy.  While he did forget that Freezans weigh about as much as a big block of ice, he still manages to keep in good graces with Miss Ciclia.  And this turned out much nicer than his previous experience with Prince Hailo.

Aug 05

Chapter 8 Page 22 – ThouroughKid

You have to wonder if Ciclia here would really take to that being her given “Aki-name” or not.  In any case, Ciclia is proving her attention to detail in map layouts in this week’s page!  On a somewhat related note, I really want to find the time to color this whole chapter someday along with …

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Jul 29

Chapter 8 Page 21 – Special Guest Hailo

  What secrets could Queen Sleena have for Hailo this day?  Ciclia and Denki sure are curious whatever it is!

Jun 16

Chapter 8 Page 19 – The Iceman Cometh Again

Hailo’s back!  And so are his friends Col Eezendo and Snowla Powdrian!  Seems Col nearly missed seeing the kids leave the gate there.  Do you wonder if snowblindness is a problem for Freezans and Snowada too?

Jun 03

Chapter 8 Page 18 – Chivalry Alive and Well

You know, what I think I like the most about our heroes, Denki, Aki, and Fuyuki, is that they are gentlemen. Not just the type that go through the motions, but honest gentlemen.  Like Denki here not letting go of Flaeka til her feet hit the ground.  I may be a bit old fashioned but …

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