Aug 16

Intervention 2013 Next Weekend

Our Third Montgomery County Agricultural Fair is almost behind us and it has been quite a trip!  But as we close out, we are getting ready for our next outing next weekend at our first Intervention from Friday to Saturday.


We’re going to be set up at booth 44 and it should be a good weekend.  Meanwhile, we’re ready for Day 8 of the MCAF!  We’ll have a big update after our home stretch!

Aug 08

Day 0.5 of Setting Up

It is now the last day before the fair opens up!  Our booth preparations continue as planned with one minor adjustment.

Our new booth location

Our new booth location

Now it turns out that one of our fellow vendors offered to trade locations with me.  Now it so happens that the location is still in the center and right across from our original booth.  It also happens that this location actually works better for our layout since we want to hang our banner high enough that it will be seen over the main display.

Left side of the booth

Left side of the booth

Right side of the booth

Right side of the booth

Our empty but built display

Our empty but built display

Overall we set up the skeleton of the display and it’s ready to take on the remaining ThunderKid goods.  We’re taking on a similar setup to the one we use for Fenton Street Market and it’s looking good so far.  We just need to finish up before we open up tomorrow afternoon at 3.

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon!

Aug 07

Day 0 Impressions

Here we are at Day 0 of the fair or rather half of Day 0.  The reason I say “half” is because we weren’t able to do any setting up of the booth today.  But we did manage to get a good look at our booth spot.

The Chilly Mall

The Chilly Mall


The New Old MacDonald Farm, right in front of the Chilly Mall

The New Old MacDonald Farm, right in front of the Chilly Mall

The Chilly Mall building where we are located is as roomy as ever and is located right in front of the new Old MacDonald Barn that was recently completed last week.

The ThunderKid Manga booth!  Empty now but soon to be decorated by opening day!

The ThunderKid Manga booth! Empty now but soon to be decorated by opening day!

Our spot this time around is in the same hall where we were last year (Hall 3) but this time we are located in the middle of the hall.  Best of all it looks like everyone in the middle row is getting the option of designing a corner booth!  Corner booths for a vendor of a booth is often seen as the best option at trade shows because of the better traffic.  They can cost more however, but thanks be to God the MCAF doesn’t charge extra for corner booths.

I’m also loving the new curtains that they brought to this fair this year.  If you’ve seen our booths in the past you would know that the original curtains were yellow, but I had hoped to get a different curtain that matched the store colors a bit better.  This change saved us an additional purchase of a new curtain!

We’re also neighbored to some of our fellow vendors that we met and connected with last year, such as a very good guy from the Bath Guys, and a nice group of ladies from Tomboy Tools just to name a few.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!

I’m trusting in God that this will be the best MCAF that we’ve had yet, and not just for dad and me, but for everyone at the fair, vendor and fair-goer.  We’ll have more updates as the happen tomorrow!

Aug 07

Moving Day

It’s Wednesday at last and it is time for my father and I to start moving into the Chilly Mall.  What we usually do this time of the fair is head up to the fairgrounds, pick up our tickets and location, pray, and start setting up.  We have a slightly smaller space this year, but these 8×8′ spots offer us the possibility to have corner booths, which are very good but limited spots for vendors.  I’ll update later today with our first booth pictures.

Aug 04

In Prepping for the Fair 2013

There are just five days until the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and ThunderKid is going to be there for its third year!  Since passing a PhD Qualifying Exam last June, we have been planning and planning for not only this fair, but also Fenton Street Market, Intervention, and any other convention that we may be attending in fall, so we’ve been busy.

Every time we do a new convention/fair/market, I am always looking for ways to make the setup better than what we did before.  Last year it was the addition of the art station and new lamps.  This year we are hoping to have a corner booth so our setup will be more accessible.  Of course we have a setup option in the event that we don’t have a corner booth.  As vendors we often don’t know what booth or placement we will be getting until days before the event so we have to have backup plans.  I must’ve spent days coming up with layouts for the table setting and the item displays.


Overall I’m thinking of having something similar to what we currently have for the FSM, only without the tent obviously.  And even this I’m hoping to upgrade someday, especially when God blesses us with the opportunity to go to one of the bigger Comic Con later on.

So why do I spend so much time on booth design?  Because I want everyone who visits to have as unforgettable an experience as possible.


Aug 03

Back at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

Well it is finally August; and anyone who has been with ThunderKid for the past three years or so know what that means.  It’s almost time for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair! For our third straight year at the MCAF, we’re going to be bringing a lot of the new items we’ve gotten since our last one including the wristbands, the notepads, and especially the ThunderKid figurines!  My dad, my family, and I are really looking forward to coming out next week and all the following week to see everyone from the amazing fair-goers to the very friendly vendors that we’ll be selling with.

The fair will be kicking off on Friday August 9th at 3pm and will go until 10pm.  The remainder of the fair from Saturday August 10th through Saturday August 18th will be go from 10am to 10pm.  We’ll be set up inside the Chilly Mall at a location to be determined.  We’ll have details as soon as Wednesday.

Finally, my apologies to those of you still waiting on the continuation of Chapter 8.  It has been a busy summer and I too am anxious to continue and will do so starting next weekend God willing.  I’m looking forward to bringing back Denki, Hailo, Ciclia, and the others as you all get an in depth tour of one of the biggest kingdoms I’ve ever made for the world of Atmos so far.

Jul 19

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 20th

We’re back on the market this Saturday and it’s supposed to be a hot one.


Remember, if you’re coming out on the plaza tomorrow, be sure to keep hydrated.  This is actually going to be our last FSM until September because of our upcoming August schedule which includes:

  • The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair – August 9th through 17th
  • and Intervention – August 23rd through 25th

I’ll be posting more on those events soon.  Until then, stay as frosty as a Freezan this summer!

Jul 15

On Booths and Display Tips

Last weekend marked the debut of our figurines at the ol’ FSM and so far the reception has been good.  For years now we’ve been looking to make something available to bridge ThunderKid the book and ThunderKid the roleplay experience particularly with young readers!


I also took this weekend to experiment with the booth layout a little bit bringing the new figurines and notepads out front along with the books (front and center as the old saying goes).


Over the years I’ve learned that for a good vendor, it’s always a good idea to change your layout from time to time.  And now is especially important with the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair coming up in under four weeks.  I’ll have more on that soon!

Jul 12

Fenton Street Market Saturday July 13th

We’re back at Fenton Street this weekend!


Set up in space 10, we’ll be bringing out the all new figurines this weekend!  $5.99 by themselves and $9.99 together.  Until tomorrow…

Jul 05

The ThunderKid Shop is Back

Kids Charge-ThunderKid-2

That’s right!  The ThunderKid Shop is officially online and ready for a whole new year!  Come check out the new layout and the new features:

  • We’re now powered by OS-Commerce, a very well known online shop template
  • We have new products that are available for purchase online for the first time: including figurines, posters, notepads, wristbands, and buttons
  • We have active Paypal payment, and
  • We have free UPS shipping for orders $50 and up

We’re really excited to have the new store up and running and are looking forward to bringing you more ThunderKid related items throughout the year.


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