Aug 22

Intervention Starts Tomorrow


For the first time, ThunderKid is coming to Intervention!  Intervention is an internet convention that began as a way of inspiring the whole family to get into the many facets that the internet has to offer including webcomics, digital media, and blogs.  The event was founded and is run by comic artist and blogger Onezumi Hartstien and web developer James Harknell.  This year marks Intervention’s fourth year since its conception back in 2010.

ThunderKid began as a webcomic back in 2006 on the Tokyopop website and relaunched it on our current website in 2007.  The series has seen nearly eight chapter long adventures with the next three in the works, its first complete volume that has sold over 250 copies since release, and it will see its second volume shortly after the completion of its tenth chapter.  We continue to encourage family involvement in the ThunderKid series as it is an all-inclusive, all-ages comic series.  This weekend ThunderKid will be among many other webcomic and web developers in this convention.  Intervention also marks the first official convention scene that ThunderKid has been involved in since our last one at Anime Expo 2011, and we hope to continue attending select conventions in the future.  We hope not only to reach out to the community as a whole, but also to reach families within these conventions specifically to embrace and encourage the moral and family values that ThunderKid promotes and we intend to have fun doing it!

Intervention begins on Friday August 23rd at noon and will conclude on Sunday August 25th at four o’ clock. ThunderKid be set up in the Vendor Room along with the many other talented artists and vendors on hand.  We look forward to bringing Denki, Haruka, Natsumi, and the rest of the ThunderKid gang to a whole new convention this year and for years to come!

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