Aug 04

In Prepping for the Fair 2013

There are just five days until the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and ThunderKid is going to be there for its third year!  Since passing a PhD Qualifying Exam last June, we have been planning and planning for not only this fair, but also Fenton Street Market, Intervention, and any other convention that we may be attending in fall, so we’ve been busy.

Every time we do a new convention/fair/market, I am always looking for ways to make the setup better than what we did before.  Last year it was the addition of the art station and new lamps.  This year we are hoping to have a corner booth so our setup will be more accessible.  Of course we have a setup option in the event that we don’t have a corner booth.  As vendors we often don’t know what booth or placement we will be getting until days before the event so we have to have backup plans.  I must’ve spent days coming up with layouts for the table setting and the item displays.


Overall I’m thinking of having something similar to what we currently have for the FSM, only without the tent obviously.  And even this I’m hoping to upgrade someday, especially when God blesses us with the opportunity to go to one of the bigger Comic Con later on.

So why do I spend so much time on booth design?  Because I want everyone who visits to have as unforgettable an experience as possible.


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