Jan 21

The Creative Gate of Comics

Interestingly, the researchers and educators promoting literacy and comics programs have found that comics open up many other educational avenues. Almost always fiction, comics are useful for introducing concepts such as narrative structure and character development. At the same time, they appear to enhance the development of analytical skills and critical thought. They can also be conduits to the discussion of cultural and personal issues. Many comics readers end up wanting to create their own, making the genre a valuable tool for promoting not only literacy but art, writing, and self-expression.

Because some of today’s comic books and graphic novels are written for adults, you’ll want to check with a librarian or bookseller for appropriate content. But comic books, far from being the mind-destroying junk of popular myth, may be the boost in reading aptitude your children need — especially if they resist reading or find it a struggle — and can be a great way to open up their imaginations and promote creativity.

-Steven Grant, Disney Family.Com

I’ve been on a roll with articles about comics and how they get kids into reading lately.  They also have the tendency to get kids creative and spark that God given talent of theirs.  Just ask Snoopy and Garfield!  Reading comics helped get me started creating comics myself and continuing to read them helps get me new ideas.  The same can be true for you!

Read the article here!

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