Jan 17

Bringing Your Kids to a Comic Con?

New York, San Diego, Baltimore, Philadelphia, just to name a few, are some of the big cities you think of when you hear “Comic Con.”  Just as more kids are getting into comics, more parents are itching to get their kids into the big name comic conventions.  For parents who want to bring their kids to conventions (and/or for kids who want to go to conventions), a Mrs. Barbara Staigerwald acquired a few tips from another mother on how to make it.

-First off, if you aren’t a Cos-player, explain and show photos to your child of people in costume and explain it’s pretend. Other wise they might get scared.

-There are kid-friendly panels. Look for anything on the schedule with a K. For example: Phineas & Ferb, Yo Gabba Gabba and Adventure Time are popular kids panels.  Bring toys and coloring activities to keep them busy both in the panel (if they get bored) and while waiting in line.

-Don’t take a stroller. While it’s tempting because you will have more room to store your swag, the aisles are too busy and crowded – AVOID it.

-Barbara Staigerwald, When Nerds Attack

All very good tips to be sure.  Here are a few that come to mind for me when comic and anime conventions are concerned.

-Do research on the content and layout.  Some conventions will list their events, dealers, and programs online in advance of the convention, so you can check and see if some programs or events are suitable for young audiences or not.

-If you don’t have knowledge of the layout beforehand, carefully monitor the content as you and your kids go.  Some conventions may have material on display at booths and tables that may not be suitable for your little one.

-Keep an eye on your kid or kids at all times especially in big conventions!

-Set a family plan in the event of an emergency.

-Be safe and have fun!

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