Jan 15

Fun Reading with Comics

“Wak!” “Crunch!” and “Glom!” taught Vicky Smith how to read. “For end-of-the-day snuggling with my mother,” she relates, “Uncle Scrooge comics were our stories of choice. When I was about four, she started me out reading the sound effects to give me practice in phonetics as well as an opportunity to participate. One magical night, I apparently turned to her and said, ‘Now, I will read Huey, Louie, and Dewey, and you read Uncle Scrooge and Donald.’ And from that moment on, I was a reader, and she proselytized the Gospel of Uncle Scrooge to all of her friends!” As for Vicky, it was a fine literary beginning for the future Children’s Editor of Kirkus Reviews.

-Martha Cornog, Graphic Novel Reporter

For the longest while I had be wondering, if I had to read a comic to kids, how would I do it?  This is a pretty good idea and also a good thought that comics make reading fun!  Especially if your kid is reading a fun story!  Reading these stories and tips on how kids get into reading with comics makes me really want to revisit a color version of ThunderKid someday!

Check out the article here!

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