Jan 13

What’s in an Ear?


What gives some Celians pointy elfin ears and other Celians round human ears?  When it was still in planning, I took a considerable amount of time deciding which races and genders got pointy ears and which ones didn’t.  Freezans like our Hailo up there all get elf ears due to my notion that cold weather made for pointy ears among theirs and the Snowada race.  Elf ears are common for Lightnin like Joltoh too for their natural speed and swiftness; but if Denki is part Lightnin, then why are his ears normal you may wonder?  Well don’t forget that Denki grew up on Earth since he was a baby.  It could be that had something to do with it.  Someday I’ll get into the races physiology in more depth but for now let’s end the Celian biology lesson here.

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