Aug 21

Recap of the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 2012

I just  feel really blessed right now.  I do.  Last week, Dad and I went out to take on the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair for another year.  And it was great!  Here’s a little bit of a recap from our goings on at the fair this year.

Most of our most recent booth supplies this year really lent to the new setup for this year, which was once again an open configuration.  However this time, we were in a somewhat darker corner of the Chilly Mall, so we decided to get something that we’ve been meaning to have the next indoor booth we had:  Lighting!  And let me tell you, the lighting made such a difference from some of the booths I used to have back in the early years.

Here’s our booth with me, my mother, and sister.  Overall I think it was a much nicer setup than last year!

The lighting not only made everything stand out more, it also brightened up the displays and made them look more attractive.  I’m real happy that the booth displays are getting better and more professional looking from event to event.

Speaking of the event, the turnout was great!  Some factors did stray some to other parts of the mall of course and traffic slowed from time to time, but the visitors that we got were great!  We saw a lot of people that we saw last year and of course made new friends and leads among the traffic and the especially other vendors!  My dad and I agree, that the people you meet at these trade shows are some of the friendliest folk that you’ll ever meet.  They’ll often get to know you if you get to know them.  And they are always willing to help each other when something falls, when something needs help setting up, and some even suggest you to other clients or their families!  Some have been in business for a long time and are happy to share advice and tips with younger business vendors like me.  And let me tell you communion among vendors can be a really good way to pass time during lulls in the traffic when it seemed like nothing was going on.  And we had a few of those, but it was all good.

A big thanks to my father after this fair too.  He has been rooting for me my whole life and since after last year, he has been giving me support for the business too.  Sitting with me at the markets, helping set up, driving, offering business advice and helping financing.  My dad has really gone above and beyond for me and my sisters and mother, and I thank God every day for what he does for us.  I just pray that more parents will be more supportive of their kids’ projects, their goals, and their art too.  Some artists I know don’t have that support unfortunately, and because of that, I am all that much more grateful for my parents who have always supported our creativity from youth.

As to what got out, we introduced many people to ThunderKid, young and old.  We actually sold nearly a whole box of books this fair alone, which is the most we’ve sold at one time.  Our totebags were all successfully given away at the fair and with that we are out of stock of those.  And the light sticks were a pretty big hit!  The kids loved them!  But I still need to find some batteries for the show version for the next indoor con/show/market we do.  I am pleased however that they last so long, even after being left on all night.  And a few hours recharge give them back some of their “umph” even.  Our buttons got moved a lot more than usual too!  Especially our Snow Dragon buttons!

Though there have been some questions about if I’ll ever do bigger sized buttons.  Well, it did get me thinking that this is a good idea!  We need to reach a few landmarks with our current buttons first though.  With the shows going until about November this year, we may reach those landmarks soon.

But this has given me a lot to think about for the future.  With the totebags gone, dad and I will be replenishing our inventory for next time.  Which means new products on the way for our shows in the fall!  But also it has given me more confidence to try with comic and/or anime conventions again someday.  Dealer’s only scenario though, but yes, someday dad and I will try for a dealer’s space at a comic or anime convention.  A wise fellow children’s author said to me last year that being the author of an all-ages comic that’s done in manga style puts me at a good position to be in many vending avenues, from book fairs, to comic conventions, and more.  So yes, God has given us more than we could have imagined this fair, and we cannot thank Him enough!

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