Feb 10

Another Change to our Shop

You heard it here first folks.  Come March, the ThunderKid Shop will be getting another much needed makeover.  If you’ve been following ThunderKid and the site long enough you will know that this is the third major makeover to the shop in its relatively short history (2 years).  And this will be a big and great change to help make shopping more streamlined and easy.  Here’s a few changes that are on the way:

  • A new layout and color scheme
  • An online shopping cart with credit card AND Paypal
  • Sign in feature
  • New products
  • And more!

So I hope you keep in the loop by signing into Twitter, Facebook, and our Newsletter.  I’ll keep you apprised of the latest changes to the ThunderKid Shop.  Til then, keep on enjoying ThunderKid! See you soon!

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