Dec 09

Racing to See You Again!

They’re coming back!

And by their running, they can’t wait to see you again too!  After a lengthy hiatus, ThunderKid will be returning for new adventures once more!  Here’s a work in progress of the cover for the upcoming Chapter 8!  Denki and his new Icenoz friends Ciclia and Flaeka are all dressed and ready for their audience with Queen Sleena!

For the record, I am extremely pleased and happy to be adding PaintTool SAI to my growing list of artist mediums!  I have a few more touches to make before I can show the whole thing.  Rest assured, you all will be among the first to see it (if you visit regularly enough of course).

Meanwhile, ThunderKid Volume 1 may be getting it’s second review in the next coming months, and of course I’ll point you to where you can read it!  Also we’re getting very close to reaching a very important milestone as far as its sales are concerned.  100 BOOKS!!  You can bet that I’ll be making a big announcement about it when it happens too!  If you want to help get me over that milestone and you haven’t picked up a copy as yet for yourself, a friend, a child, or a group, you know what to do!

ThunderKid is coming back to finish off Volume 2 with Chapters 8, 9, and 10!  Don’t miss the fun with Denki, Haruka, and friends as their adventures continue!

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