Jul 17

Closing a Dream

Well, nothing lasts forever as they say.  The difficulties from post AX this year, as well as rising tensions it seems, unfortunately led to some things being said and misunderstood by my fellow DREAM manga artists.  Things I said to help were taken as things to hurt or hate.  And in response a lot of mean things were said about me.  Ever had that happen to you?  If you’re a teacher, a parent, an older influence, sometimes you catch flack for what you say to try and help.  Granted it may be how the help comes across as well.

Anyway I sent in my letter of resignation so as of today I’m no longer a member of the DREAM Manga Magazine Group.   It has been a sad day as I had hoped to leave the group under nicer circumstances.  The week prior to resigning had been a rough one and I honestly had no idea why.  A lot of weight was lifted when I sent the letter but I still do miss them.  But somehow I feel that this is for the better.  They say that when God closes a door on you it’s to open up a much better one.   Already I feel like a new day is on the horizon.

Not a “goodbye,” but more an “until next time.”  I know this will be the best for all of us.


  1. Bella

    I’m… Surprised, to be honest. I’ve never thought you’d leave DREAM, you were like one of the people who were the bests and the oldest there. I actually think that those people are stupid, letting you go this easily.

    I hope you feel good, Reus, and I hope you’ll continue growing in the future. You’ve accomplished so much with your comic, that I’m proud the fact that I was once your friend, and that I own volume one. 🙂

    Oh, and just so you know, I still follow Thunderkid.

    1. ReuS

      Aw thanks Belle. Yeah it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d have to do myself. Had to be done though. But I do feel better now-a-days.

      Thanks for your support and your friendship Belle. You take good care of yourself. 🙂

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