Apr 11

Ready for the Sakura Matsuri

Tomorrow Dad and I are heading to the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival for the first time!  This is our first really big outing of 2014 and we are indeed looking forward to it!


The Street Map


Here’s our location and description as defined by the Sakura Matsuri App that you can get on your iPhone.  We’ll be set up on Pennsylvania Avenue on the 11th Street side of the festival.

This fair we’ll be rolling out a couple new things!  First we’ll be debuting our new book and figurine stands which really make the products stand out.  Also we’ll be premiering four new posters!  Here’s a preview of one of the newest ones.


Of Little Girls and Roosters of Altos Preview


Great things are around the corner and God’s already worked His way for this event!

Pretty Natsumi

Pretty Natsumi

Until next time!



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