Mar 21

New Season On the Way


Hey!  Here’s a little Ula to start off this blogging year for you!

It’s been a busy busy first couple of months of 2014 to be sure. Last January and February I had been working on my PhD proposal and I passed it thanks be to God! With that out of the way I am moving ahead with engineering and art obligations including the completion of Volume 2, completion of the first draft of illustrations for a collaboration story Rise of the Tusked Crescent by Anton Pestana, and other commission work on my plate.  Of course this also means getting ready for the 2014 vending season which is going to be great!  Tomorrow we return to the Gaithersburg Indoor Flea Market and three weeks from now this April we’ll be participating in the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival for the first time!  We plan to have some new displays out for that outing and it should be a great time.  We’re really excited about this new venture and this new season.

More surprises as always in the next couple of days, so until then here’s a little IceIce to conclude this report!  Stay tuned!


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