Apr 11

Ready for the Sakura Matsuri

Tomorrow Dad and I are heading to the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival for the first time!  This is our first really big outing of 2014 and we are indeed looking forward to it!


The Street Map


Here’s our location and description as defined by the Sakura Matsuri App that you can get on your iPhone.  We’ll be set up on Pennsylvania Avenue on the 11th Street side of the festival.

This fair we’ll be rolling out a couple new things!  First we’ll be debuting our new book and figurine stands which really make the products stand out.  Also we’ll be premiering four new posters!  Here’s a preview of one of the newest ones.


Of Little Girls and Roosters of Altos Preview


Great things are around the corner and God’s already worked His way for this event!

Pretty Natsumi

Pretty Natsumi

Until next time!



Mar 21

New Season On the Way


Hey!  Here’s a little Ula to start off this blogging year for you!

It’s been a busy busy first couple of months of 2014 to be sure. Last January and February I had been working on my PhD proposal and I passed it thanks be to God! With that out of the way I am moving ahead with engineering and art obligations including the completion of Volume 2, completion of the first draft of illustrations for a collaboration story Rise of the Tusked Crescent by Anton Pestana, and other commission work on my plate.  Of course this also means getting ready for the 2014 vending season which is going to be great!  Tomorrow we return to the Gaithersburg Indoor Flea Market and three weeks from now this April we’ll be participating in the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival for the first time!  We plan to have some new displays out for that outing and it should be a great time.  We’re really excited about this new venture and this new season.

More surprises as always in the next couple of days, so until then here’s a little IceIce to conclude this report!  Stay tuned!


Nov 07

ThunderKid at Southern Maryland Comic-Con!

Natsumi Denki and Clodu Ad

Hey everyone!  We’re gearing up for our first Comic Convention this weekend at the Southern Maryland Comic-Con!  We’ll be at the Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD all Saturday with a lot of other comic authors and artists.


We’ll be looking forward to this weekend!

Oct 18

Fenton Street Market Saturday October 19th

We’re back in Fenton Street Market folks!  But we only have two more Saturdays and a Holiday show before the season ends.


They moved in the ice rink to the plaza this weekend so we’re going to be out on Ellsworth Drive this weekend!  See you this weekend!

Oct 15

Denki: Mascot to Hero

Did you know that before our hero Denki was gallivanting around the world of Atmos in the story today that he was originally a humble mascot?  That’s right!

My first doodle of Denki

My first doodle of Denki

Denki started as a crude doodle back in high school who was called Jayce the ThunderKidd (spelt with two ‘D’s).  He was meant to serve as an avatar of sort for my online name at the time.  Obviously he didn’t have the height that he currently has.  In fact I don’t believe he was even supposed to be a real boy at all.  He was more like an elf, a sprite, or a fairy character hence his tiny size.  Come to think of it, this may well be part of the inspiration for the Celian races to have elfish ears on some of the species and genders.

Minor upgrade, mostly in height

Minor upgrade, mostly in height

When did Denki (or “Jayce”) develop into the Denki we know and love today?

The "New" Denki

The “New” Denki

Well in time I began playing with his character design and eventually developed a story written around him.  The premise was about the same as it is now.  Boy discovers he’s a Celian and goes to Atmos for adventure.  Though as I evolved the story, the character also evolved,

Old Character Sheet for Denki

Old Character Sheet for Denki

but not just in looks but in personality!


I had to make sure also that Denki was a believable hero.  Remember that Denki is ten-years-old so I wanted to make his abilities as a hero and as a kid believable to that point.  As a kid he is eager to do right by the people around him, and this serves as his primary drive throughout his journey.  He’s not perfect, super strong, or unbeatable as his first run-ins with the Warriors proved; but he’s not useless either if you recall his recent adventures in Icenoz.  In time his traits were more fleshed out: He loves baseball, he’s fast, he’s a gentleman to a lady, he’s kind of a goof, he’s well meaning, and he loves to have fun.

The Denki of today!

The Denki of today!

In time Jayce the ThunderKidd became the Denki the ThunderKid that you all know and love!  This tale should serve as an example to young writers to keep your doodles and your ideas close, because you never know if that doodle can turn into a hero someday!

Oct 11

Chapter 8 Pages 30 and 31 – Check the Map!

Map Preview

As they say in the news, let’s go to the map!  Icenoz is a very big mountain with lots to see, so when moving from Height-to-Height you should always have a map on hand.  Check out the full thing in this week’s pages of ThunderKid!

Oct 04

Chapter 8 Pages 28 and 29 – THUNDERKID RETURNS!!

You heard right!  ThunderKid is back in the house!  It’s been a long time but now the comic is officially getting back on the road toward the completion of Volume 2!

Scooch over we're back

We’re re-kicking things off with the beginning of Denki’s tour of Icenoz conducted by his two newest friends Ciclia and Flaeka.  Never before has a young man had two better and prettier little tour guides! Get set for more next week!

Sep 27

Fenton Street Market Saturday September 28th

Come join us at Fenton Street Market this weekend!  After a one week break the FSM vendors are back!


We’ll be located here this Saturday and as usual the fun starts at 10am!

Sep 13

Fenton Street Market Saturday September 14th

After an August hibernation, ThunderKid is back at Fenton Street this weekend!  Here’s where we’ll be.


Dad and I are looking forward to seeing everyone out there again and the weather is supposed to be very nice.  Have a great weekend!

Aug 22

Intervention Starts Tomorrow


For the first time, ThunderKid is coming to Intervention!  Intervention is an internet convention that began as a way of inspiring the whole family to get into the many facets that the internet has to offer including webcomics, digital media, and blogs.  The event was founded and is run by comic artist and blogger Onezumi Hartstien and web developer James Harknell.  This year marks Intervention’s fourth year since its conception back in 2010.

ThunderKid began as a webcomic back in 2006 on the Tokyopop website and relaunched it on our current website in 2007.  The series has seen nearly eight chapter long adventures with the next three in the works, its first complete volume that has sold over 250 copies since release, and it will see its second volume shortly after the completion of its tenth chapter.  We continue to encourage family involvement in the ThunderKid series as it is an all-inclusive, all-ages comic series.  This weekend ThunderKid will be among many other webcomic and web developers in this convention.  Intervention also marks the first official convention scene that ThunderKid has been involved in since our last one at Anime Expo 2011, and we hope to continue attending select conventions in the future.  We hope not only to reach out to the community as a whole, but also to reach families within these conventions specifically to embrace and encourage the moral and family values that ThunderKid promotes and we intend to have fun doing it!

Intervention begins on Friday August 23rd at noon and will conclude on Sunday August 25th at four o’ clock. ThunderKid be set up in the Vendor Room along with the many other talented artists and vendors on hand.  We look forward to bringing Denki, Haruka, Natsumi, and the rest of the ThunderKid gang to a whole new convention this year and for years to come!

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