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Chapter 1
Bolt from the Sky

Chapter 2
Denki and Haruka’s Adventure in Atmos

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Chapter 4
Denki and Ula’s Promise of Defenders

Chapter 5
Clode and the Cloud Dragon

Chapter 6
The New Kingdom Icenoz and the Freezan Knight

Chapter 7
Defending the Kingdom Icenoz

Chapter 8
An Audience with Queen Sleena

The World of Atmos

It’s a wide wide weather world, and the world of ThunderKid centers on the weather world of Atmos! Here you can check out some of its maps as well as learn a bit about Atmos and its weather people the Celians. What can some of the ThunderKid kids do as Lightnin or Vaploud? And what is the power of each Celian? Read all about it!

Think of a world that’s one part fairy tale, one part role-playing game, and one part weather and you’ll pretty much be thinking of Atmos. The land of weather is a fantastic parallel world that kind of harkens back to days of old. Its people, its animals, even its dragons have a bit of the power of weather in them in this place they live. Atmos exists in parallel with the Earth and the things that only we Earthlings (or Terrans) can see. Only by passing through the lowest available cloud with a Celian in hand can a Terran see the land of Atmos. Like Earth, Atmos is made up of seven major continents, each of which has its own unique set of people and places.

The Celians
The people that are native to Atmos are called the Celians. They are a people that have the power of the weather that each race is based on from rain to thunder to snow to wind. Just as all types of weather are different, every Celian race is different and unique. Some basic characteristics of Celians include being able to fly, Earth and/or elfin ears depending on a combination of race and gender, and of course the ability to create weather! The skill of each individual varies of course. A Lightnin baker for instance might not need skills suited for running for example.

The Atmosan Dragons
Every fairy tale/feudal fantasy world needs a dragon or two. And the weather world of Atmos is no different! Unlike most of those worlds’ dragons however, Atmosan dragons can be very tame pets for Celians if domesticated at birth. This is especially true with baby dragons who make very cuddly pets for the Celian boys and girls, as Denki, Clode, and the rest of the kids can attest to! Though like all children, Atmosan dragons do grow up into big BIG dragons. But like a dog, a domesticated Atmosan dragon can be a friend for life! That’s not to say however that there aren’t wild dragons in Atmos. They can be dangerous when cornered, but like most wild animals they would rather just be left alone. And they wouldn’t be dragons if they didn’t breathe fire of some kind. Though in an Atmosan dragon’s case their “fire” is weather! And whether they’re babies or grown, all dragons cries are the first three or four letters of their name.

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