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Bolt from the Sky

Chapter 2
Denki and Haruka’s Adventure in Atmos

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Denki and Ula’s Promise of Defenders

Chapter 5
Clode and the Cloud Dragon

Chapter 6
The New Kingdom Icenoz and the Freezan Knight

Chapter 7
Defending the Kingdom Icenoz

Chapter 8
An Audience with Queen Sleena

What About ThunderKid?

What about this all-ages child friendly manga would you like to know about? Below are some answers to that and other questions about this story and author.

What is Manga? What do Kids Have to do With It?

Well you know what comic books are right? Well manga is basically a Japanese (or Japanese style) comic book that is often characterized by its distinctive art style. The literal translation for “manga” in fact is “comic.” Manga has become very popular in America with the boon of anime (Japanese cartoons). However, despite its popularity among teens and young adults, most manga leaves out and overlooks a very important audience: Kids.

That’s why ThunderKid exists. Most manga has content that many parents deem unsuitable for young readers 7 through 12. But in ThunderKid, kids will get to read a comic made like a manga made especially for them with a variety of characters that they can identify with. And it’s done in a way that never talks down to kids because one: they’re no fools; and two: this is an all-ages comic meaning kids, teens, older teens, young adults, and old adults can get into it. Comics such as ThunderKid provide an excellent gateway into the world of reading for many new readers. It instills creative interest through the artwork and encourages basic reading and writing skills through the action driven text. Besides giving kids a tool to keep up with their reading skills, ThunderKid also provides educational material such as moral lessons, sciences such as weather in ThunderKid’s case, and vocabulary including root words and different languages.

But most of all ThunderKid is a fun kids manga that is made especially for young readers. It inspires imagination and adventure and is a great way to spend time by opening a new way of reading comics that were mostly kept from their eyes and minds.

What is ThunderKid?

Welcome to the world of ThunderKid! Get ready to join in the tales and adventures of five typical ten year old kids. Denki is a perky, fun loving boy who’s a little dense and loopy but has a huge soft spot for crying girls. His best friend Haruka is a bossy yet kind little girl who loves to try new things almost every day. Aki’s a pretty cool boy who’s a little jerky but a really softy at heart. The sweet and bubbly girly girl Natsumi is everyone’s biggest fan and dear friend. And the shy Fuyuki is very timid but he is very brave when it really counts.

Little do these kids know that a baby snake that falls from the sky and thunderstorm that follows will open up the secrets of a fantastic new aerial world called Atmos and a set of high-flying weather-filled adventures too. Join the kids as they experience new adventures filled with fun, excitement, love, and discovery in both worlds!

Who is the Author?

Comic Author Reuel

Name: Reuel “ReuS” Smith
Birthday: November 13
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Reliability/Aerospace/Mechanical engineering PhD student, writer, artist

Hey hey! My name is Reuel “ReuS” Smith, the author and creator of ThunderKid! I’m a graduate student at the University of Maryland studying for a PhD in engineering. Though I excel in math and science, I’ve been drawing cartoons for nearly my whole life and have just as much interest in LEGO, animation, and video games. I currently live in the Metro/DC area of Maryland with my folks and two younger sisters.

What do People Say about ThunderKid?

Hear what other people are saying about ThunderKid!

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Amazon Review by Sweetlee - "This comic is inventive, creative, and like nothing else out there."

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Every now and then I get some questions about ThunderKid and the website so here are a couple answers to that!

1. Where can I pick up a copy of ThunderKid?
I do a lot of events in the Maryland area like flea markets and county fairs and festivals so you can either get them there or you could get them online!

2. When is the next volume coming out?
I would love to say Fall 2012, but to be honest it depends on a lot of things. I’m also a working student and we still have to sell a certain number of our last volume before printing another. But keep watching! The first sign is when we finish Chapter 10. It’s only a matter of time from there!

3. Do you do link exchanges?
Not at this time, but I am working on a new plan to have some kind of link exchange program later as there are a couple of good all-ages comics online. So stay tuned!

4. Will you be selling at the {fill in name} comic and/or anime convention?
Well we may see! Lately I’ve been doing city markets and festivals in my area because of the community and the overall price. But that’s not to say I’m not looking at bigger conventions. Keep looking at the blog and event calendar! Who knows, we may be coming to a convention near you!

5. My kids are all grown. Would they be able to get into this?
Yeah! Some of my first readers were young adults and older teens and they liked ThunderKid too! Not to mention middle schoolers! A copy that’s in a local middle school library is in circulation all the time! So yes, this is for kids and kids at heart.

6. Do you do contract art?
Though I don’t often advertise this (I should though) I do take commission work. And not just anime either. I can do whatever you need! I mean I have some exceptions of course. I will only do work that is suitable for all-ages. Not just stuff for children mind you, but it would be content that I would feel comfortable letting boys and girls view as well.

7. When did you start drawing?
I started drawing very early when I was in first or second grade or so. My sisters started art young too in fact and our parents were always very supportive of our art. As long as we remembered that school came first of course!

8. Where did you get the idea for ThunderKid from?
Believe it or not, Rankin Bass! You know? The guys who did the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and other Christmas specials, ThunderCats, SilverHawks, and more! The Christmas specials especially got me thinking of weather people like Snow Miser, the Winter Warlock, and the like. Eventually that inspired the characters and concept of ThunderKid!

9. Do you have a DeviantArt/SmackJeeves account?
Yes and no. My DeviantArt account more or less has what you see here except a lot less comics. My SmackJeeves account is about the same only it has comics but it doesn’t get a lot of use anymore. I would encourage you though to read ThunderKid here as we also have comments and accounts. Plus the environment is a lot more family-friendly overall.

10. Would you visit my class? Do you do school visits?
Yes I do visit schools and classes but always on request. If you would like me to speak at your school either write me or write your teacher or principal and we could get something squared away. Location is also an issue of course. Remember, I’m from Montgomery County Maryland!

11. I can read this online so why do I need to buy ThunderKid?
Good question! Now this is just a personal opinion, but I find that the printed version looks MUCH nicer than anyversion that you’ll read online. Plus you don’t have those “ThunderKid Manga” watermarks everywhere. Also there are millions of kids and adults who’ve never even heard of it who don’t frequent online as much. So by offering a printed version, we spread the wealth so to speak! That said, buy it, try it, you’ll like it!

12. Can I get this on my Kindle? My Nook?
We’re working on that so worry not! Check the site and blog regularly.

13. What’s your favorite cartoon?
I am VERY bad at picking favorites, but if I had to pick any from current cartoons they’d be Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Phineas and Ferb, Transformers Prime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Avatar the Last Airbender. Old school I’d pick Muppet Babies, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dexter’s Laboratory, and PowerPuff Girls.

14. What’s your favorite anime?
Anime’s a bit easier (sort of). I love Sailor Moon, Zoids Chaotic Century, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Monster, Aquarion, and Future Boy Conan, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s first works.

15. What’s your favorite comic (aside from yours)?
Right now I love Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog (main series and Universe) and Archie’s MegaMan series! And as a huge Disney Afternoon fan I loved Boom's Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, and Darkwing Duck series!

16. What’s your favorite manga (aside from yours)?
I loved the anime but I ADORED the Sailor Moon manga! It was definitely one of my prime inspirations when going into the manga style for ThunderKid!

17. Where do you get your drive?
God first and foremost. I owe all my creativity and drive to Him. Also my desire to do this for kids who could one day themselves become artists, animators, cartoonists, and the like.

18. Do you have a forum?
Mmmmmm… No. I tried doing a forum twice and neither really took off as I had hoped. Maybe one day I’ll try it again if I get enough support for one.

19. Why self-publish rather than publish with someone else?
Ooooh lots of reasons I chose self-publishing. Mostly freedom I suppose. As a graduate student I need to have time to my schedule as well as to working on the comic.

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