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Bolt from the Sky

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Denki and Haruka’s Adventure in Atmos

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Denki and Ula’s Promise of Defenders

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Clode and the Cloud Dragon

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The New Kingdom Icenoz and the Freezan Knight

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Defending the Kingdom Icenoz

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An Audience with Queen Sleena

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October 25th 2013

Chapter 8 - Page 33: Rave Review
Hailo and Col are impressed! Ciclia and Flaeka may well be Icenoz historians when they grow up! Meanwhile Ciclia seems to have not heard of "second breakfast!"

October 18th 2013

Chapter 8 - Page 32: A Snowflake Motif
Who knew that a snowflake, which is also made of ice, would make such a great motif for a kingdom of snow and ice? The citizens of Icenoz of course!

October 11th 2013

Chapter 8 - Page 30 & 31: Let's Go to the Map!
Want to know how to get around in the mountain city? This map of Icenoz can help out, plus Flaeka can tell you the best places to eat in town!

October 4th 2013

Chapter 8 - Page 28 & 29: What a Nice View!
ThunderKid is back! At last Denki and Flarai begin their tour of the grand kingdom of Icenoz conducted by two very cute tourguides!

July 5th 2013

The ThunderKid Shop is ALL NEW!
The ThunderKid main site is coming back and we're starting things off with the totally refurbished and restocked ThunderKid Shop! We have a whole new layout as well as whole new products such as our brand new Denki and Haruka figurines! If you've never checked out our store before, today is a perfect day to start!

November 10th 2012

Chapter 8 - Page 27: Now Departing
Finally Col and friends are leaving the station! Check back next time for when we get to see the kingdom of Icenoz folks!

October 22nd 2012

Chapter 8 - Page 26: Now Boarding
Rule Two of making an entrance: Make a good boarding! A very comfy coach and a set of friends and we're ready to get this tour on the road!

October 13th 2012

Chapter 8 - Pages 24 and 25: Lovely Entrance
Rule One of making an entrance: Make a good entrance! Ciclia and Flaeka have this rule down pat! Check out their intro here!

September 2nd 2012

Two Dragons and a Lady
There's been a little delay in the next couple pages for rescripting, but we still have updates this Labor Day weekend! Presenting two new pieces of artwork that I aquired from some shop visitors over the summer! A pic of Clodu from the Fenton Street Market and a nice picture of Clode and a Snow Dragon too! Enjoy!

August 19th 2012

Chapter 8 - Page 23: No Sweat
It’s not easy being a gentleman sometimes. But our Denki manages to do it, even when the lady is a little heavier than she looks.

August 5th 2012

Chapter 8 - Page 22: ThoroughKid
This will most likely be Ciclia's handle from Aki as in the next page she shows an amazing knack for this in her tour planning.

July 29th 2012

Chapter 8 - Page 21: Special Guest Hailo
Something's got our young hostess' interest piqued as Hailo announces his surprise presence at the day's event.

July 25th 2012

Our Biggest Fanart
The week of updates continues as our fanart collection has returned but bigger than before.

July 24th 2012

Five More Years!
Five years later and ThunderKid is still going strong. We’re celebrating with a complete revamp of the site and tons of new content throughout the week! And since today’s special, we’re giving you the bulk of it today!

Comic Reader-on
You haven’t read ThunderKid like this before! Check out the new totally functional comic reader with arrow pad page turning, comments, and the same kids you’ve grown to love! The next page is also up! Check out Page 20 as Flaeka says “how do you do” to a horse?

What About FAQ?
We’ve got that now and we also have reviews of the comic’s first volume and more right here! Maybe you’ve got a question too.

Meet the Cast Again!
The all new Meet the Cast section is reformatted with author’s notes on each character in addition to profiles. And newcomers Hailo, Ciclia, and Flaeka join the list!

Welcome to Atmos
At long last readers can learn more about the wild wide weather world of Atmos! Not to mention bits on its people the Celians and part of its bestiary the Atmosan Dragons!

Art Gallery Redux
We have some newer art from over the last year or so in the gallery now. Also we have some of our latter fanart available!

Color Me Pleased
Bust out the crayons and markers! We have two new coloring pages for you to print and color!

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